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A pleasant and relaxing evening

I had dinner with friend I see way too rarely. It was nice and and we had quiet walk admiring the houses in the neighborhood at the end I even found the keys to my bike, which as usual I thought I had lost

Search Server for WSS 3.0

I always thought that the search server for WSS would not have a big effect unless your were actually searching something.
Instead today I found out (experimentally) that it greatly improves loading time of the web application (when you try to access them on a random client)...

Maybe it is obvious to the rest of the world...but I was suprised but pleasantly so because the new install was dreadfully underperforming.



I am enduring an yearly italian and personal ritual, I am following the final evening of "Festival di Sanremo" and for the first time in at least 25 years all competing songs have been performed by 22:30. There is still hope!


Last week's performance

So last weekend I took the plunge and danced in front of an audience with some other older (and some) younger ladies. It was fun inspite of some little mistakes, I enjoyed and I miss it a bit. Maybe next year again.
People were suprised that the ladies had still so much energy in them.
Some foto's can befound on the internet but not here...for now.

this evening "Premiere"'

I am starting to get really nervous. I always wanted to dance and this evening finally, closer to 40ies than to 30ies, I am doing my first "public performance".  

Hi every one.

It has been the longest time without posting: lack of time and lack of motivation played a great part.
Lately I have been thinking more and more to start again.
The facts I link about in previous post gave the necessary kick ...I hope I will keep up with it.

Thanks Napolitano!

Thanks Napolitano for defending Italy''s constitution!


I grieve for Eluana - I do not know what would be my choice - and I grieve for Italy that is under this dangerous clown named Berlusconi. I can now hardly hope that Italians will wake and smell the coffee.


Personal growth

I am a prefectionists with little time and a lot of frustrations....to help me be happier I am now exploring/using a series of of blogs and site.

Here are a referral to the ones I am finding very useful at the moment: 

The Happiness Project

The Positivity Blog 

Fly Lady

Maybe some one else will enjoy those links.

May. 22nd, 2007

I regret that I cannot post more often, I would especially like to be able to post my culinary experiments but often after a day behind the computer for work, I really feel I want and should do something else.

Last week we had a nice dinner with some friends that still had not seen our place. We had lost contact for sometimes, it was nice to meet again.

Beekse Bergen

Today we went to the Safari Park of Beekse Bergen, it was very nice even for somebosy like me that is not especially fond of zoos.

The son loved it and the husband liked it to, which made it so much nicer.

Here you can see a specimen of the local animals

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